Welcome to our Sneak Preview Screenings page!! We’re proud to have you as one of our new partners. Whether it’s a group screening, an individual rental, or an employee training, we believe that film in the modern age is an extremely powerful tool for educating our audience. We also use these screenings as a fundraiser for the independent distribution of our film.

If you do not have the financial assets available to rent or purchase the film for your needs, please let us know.


-24 Hour rental

-Copy of the film’s poster

-Director and Production Company Bios.

-Mailing List Template


*Pricing is based on organization

(School, Non-Profit, Corporation,Individual, etc.)


Community Screening Kit

-20 page Community Screening Guide

-Customizable Event Flyer templates (digital and print)

-Event Email Templates

-Press Release Template

-Mailing List FormTemplate

-Event Planning Checklist

-Image and Graphics Library

-Social Media Film Summaries

-Photography Release Form for Event


-Film Posters

and more to be added…