Over a decade in the making


The Invisible Class began production in 2008. With a smaller team that most documentary films and a shoestring budget, the crew pressed on due to their passion for the topic. The film was originally created for two specific reasons.

1. There were almost no documentary films on homelessness out there.

2. From the small list of available documentaries, none of them discussed the systemic causes that created mass homelessness or it’s solutions.

Unfortunately both of those statements are still true today, and homelessness has reached epidemic proportions as it continues to spiral out of control. The Invisible Class was released in mid 2019 and is being independently released. Partnering up with a variety of groups (homeless shelters, affordable housing providers, domestic violence shelters, Veteran’s associations, churches, advocacy orgs, etc.) there are now grass roots screenings as well as employee trainings occurring throughout the United States.

The Filmmaker


Born and raised in a small town in Southern California, Josh Hayes moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Cinema Production in 2005. He's been a Cinematographer, Editor, and Director ever since for a variety of companies including his own Upstart Media.

Josh’s passion is his non-profit Visual Anarchy which produces free high quality videos for organizations in need. Its goal is to level the playing field one video at a time for smaller non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and other charitable groups that have a need for quality video content, but would otherwise lack the resources to create it. Visual Anarchy is also independently releasing his first feature film The Invisible Class.